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Now is the time

Now is the time to focus on that summer beach body we all want. You have just a few weeks left to take charge and be ready for summer. Get focused and get results, call the office today to set up your appointment to a new you. Ronald H. Johnson,M.D.

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We are off to a get 2017, patients are knocking the door down to get healthy and lose weight. Don’t be left out , you know you still have those unwanted holiday pounds, Aunt Sarah’s pies and cookies. Now is the time to call to action, step up , come in , and get started on your new you. You …

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Now is the Time !

Happy New Year!!! Now is the time to get started on your new weight loss program and lose those unwanted pounds.   Don’t wait, pick up the phone and get started today, there is no time like the present, so get started now.   Many new patients are already on their way to great results, losing pounds and looking and …

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Summer is Almost Over !!

Have you had your summer fun, maybe even too many boardwalk fries? If so it’s time to get serious and lose those pounds you put  on over the summer. Obesity is a chronic disease, don’t feel embarrassed , you have plenty of company, pick up the phone and call the office. We will  get you to your weight loss goal. …

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Healthy is Cheaper !!!

Hungry?? In a hurry, on the road? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to consider your options and your wallet. If you are running out the door in the morning an EggMcMuffin is now just over $4.00 and thats just the sandwich , no drink or side, so it is very possible that one could …

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Don’t Be Surprised !!!

Our patients are having fabulous results with weight loss. Everyday we see many new patients who have exceeded their expectations in terms of their weekly weight loss. If the patients follow the formula we have outlined for them they will generally do very well. It is always a delight to watch patients revel in  exceeding the weight loss goal for …

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Stress, the number one killer of any weight loss success. No matter how well a patient performs in their weight loss program they are always subject to the number one killer – stress. We have found the stress usually comes in the form of death or divorce. If either of these situations should unfortunately come into your life , you, …

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Beach Time Is Almost Here !!!

Beach season will soon be upon us. No better time to get in shape and look your best, now is the time to lose those extra pounds!!  Move forward, feel good and look good. Call one of our offices today, get started on our jumpstart program, be your best by Memorial Day!!

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Burning Calories !!

Spring is here and everyone loves a beautiful garden and lush green lawn.  Many people don’t realize they can get a good workout while enjoying their favorite hobby and beautifying their home  at the same time. A recent study determined weeding your garden burns the same number of calories as working out on the elliptical, mulching melts off more  calories …

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Off to a Good Start

Many patients have made resolutions to exercise daily to lose weight. This is great, but warm up prior to vigorous exercise. Studies have shown people are at a much greater risk of injury if they fail to warm up and loosen muscles and ligaments prior to exercise. As little as 5 -10 minutes of warm up, just enough to raise …

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