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Welcome to Bariatric Medicine. The term bariatric is derived from the greek word “bari”, meaning weight. Bariatric medicine is the art and science of medical weight management.

Weight loss advice is as individual as you are. Everyone metabolizes food differently, and requires an approach specific to their needs. With the complexities of today’s lifestyle, a physician trained in bariatric medicine is the quickest, safest route to reaching and maintaining your goal. Our highly skilled staff will treat each patient with compassion and dignity.

Our Services include:

    1. An initial patient work-up to include medical history, physical examination, appropriate laboratory studies and an electrocardiogram if there is past or present evidence of cardiac disease or if the patient has coronary risk factors.


  1. Appropriate counseling on:
  • Diet and nutrition, including reduced calorie diets and very low calorie diets (VLCD).
  • Exercise, tailored to the capabilites and limitations of the obese patient to ensure safe and effective exercise.
  • Behavior modification (lifestyle changes), including proper eating habits, dealing with stress-relation eating, family diet changes, etc.
  • Prescription medication, B12 injections, appetite suppressants, if indicated, as part of the medical weight loss program.
  • Adequate periodic follow-up to maintain the weight loss that has been achieved.

We specialize in treating: Children, adolescents, and adults.

Take care of your health, its yours to keep! By keeping your weight under control, you will be less likely to develope diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Bariatric medicine is the quickest, safest route to achieving and maintaining your goal.

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