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Dr. Johnson obtained his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine. He has practiced Bariatric (Weight Loss) medicine for over a decade, successfully treating thousands of patients. Seventy percent of our patients present to us with Diabetes (Type One and Type Two), hypertension (high blood pressure), thyroid disorders, and degenerative bone disease. We are happy to work in conjunction with other treating physicians to help you obtain optimal results. Most patients are taking numerous medications at the time of their initial visit for the conditions mentioned above. We are very well versed in treating the obese patient with multiple co-morbidities.

Your initial visit to our office will take approximately 60-90 minutes. This visit is designed to obtain an in depth medical and dietary history as well as a thorough physical examination. An Electrocardiogram (EKG) will be performed to assess your cardiac status. Your height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and percent Body Fat will also be determined. Appropriate medical laboratory work (blood) will be performed as necessitated by your medical history. If you have had any laboratory work done in the past three months (90 days), please bring a copy with you to your first visit.

You will be started on your weight loss program at the first visit. All facets of your treatment will covered in depth, i.e. medication, nutrition, and exercise. All treatment options will be explored and explained to you. We welcome questions and allow ample time at each visit to address your questions. After your initial visit you will be seen every two weeks for your follow up visits. The follow up visits are designed to ensure each patient is obtaining maximal safe results with weight loss. Careful monitoring of your blood pressure , heart and lungs is performed at each follow up visit. Any adjustments to medications will be made at this time.

Once a patient reaches their goal weight they are placed in the Maintenance Phase of treatment. The focus of the Maintenance Phase is to guide the patient in maintaining the weight loss that has been achieved. Medications are gradually decreased to prevent the patient from experiencing any trepidation of facing daily situations without medications. During the decade Dr. Johnson has practiced Bariatric medicine our offices have never prescribed Phen/Fen, even during the height of the Phen/Phen craze of the late 90’s.

The initial visit is $165.00 and the follow up visits are $55.00 every two weeks. We do not accept personal checks at the FIRST visit. You are welcome to pay with VISA, MASTERCARD or cash. We do not process insurance forms in the office. If you are seeking insurance reimbursement we can provide you with an itemized statement to submit to your insurance company.