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Ready , Set , Go !!!!

Appointments for new weight loss patients are filling up rapidly. Don’t be afraid to get started, the longest journey begins with the first step. If you have gained weight recently, or if you’ve been meaning to lose weight for sometime, now is the perfect time to make your New Year’s resolution and get started on a structured medical weight loss …

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One Holiday Down !!

Well, one holiday is behind us, Thanksgiving. Now, let’s move to the big boy Christmas and New Year’s. Plan now for success in the new year. Call the office and make your new patient appointment before the holiday. It is always easier to maintain and lose weight over the holiday if you are prepared with a vigorous weight loss program …

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Time to Get Focused !!!

As fall rapidly approaches, many patients are returning from summer vacation. This usually means a few extra pounds come along with the return home. Now is the time to take action and lose those summer extra pounds before the holidays arrive. Now is the time to get focused, call the office for an appointment to get back on track. Never …

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Tune Out Fat Ingredients

According to research in the journal, Appetite, a survey of 501 women showed that those who watched food television and cooked frequently from scratch weighed 10 pounds more, on average than those who got the recipes from family and friends, magazines or cooking classes. You don’t have to stop watching your favorite cooking shows. Just focus on the ideas, techniques, …

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Ronald H. Johnson, M.D.

Summer is upon us and now you can be more active than ever. Don’t just sit on the beach,‚Ķ… get up and move. Run in the sand, much harder than it looks, play frisbee, go for a swim. You can read a book back in your hotel room, put down that phone or tablet, get up and move !! Ronald …

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Don't just stand there get up and go!!!!!

People who got up and moved around two more hours throughout a day , even for as little as one minute at a time, had slimmer waistlines compared with people who were the most sedentary, according to a study of nearly 5000 Americans. Try these easy ways to add more movement to your day. Ditch the drive-through. Go inside the …

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Doing Great!!!

Well, it’s almost the end of the first-quarter and many new patients have signed up to lose weight. In a word, they are doing absolutely‚Ķ. fabulous. Initially, patients sign up to be seen in the office every two weeks,… we’re discovering more and more patients actually prefer to come every week. Patients enjoy the effect of the B12 shot so …

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Will you get diabetes ?

You may be walking around with type two diabetes one of the most common, increasingly widespread and deadly diseases, and not know it. You know your body, you pay attention to your health. But while symptoms of the full-fledged disease include exhaustion, blurry vision, and extreme hunger or thirst, early signs such as very high blood sugar are typically silent. …

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If you are one of the many millions whose blood sugar has shot to levels that are dangerous but not quite high enough to be considered full-blown diabetes, well, think of it as an opportunity. Yes, it makes you twice more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Excess weight can also lead to arthritis. But, winding …

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Jump on the Band Wagon !!!

Hundreds of new patients have started the program since the first of the year and are losing weight at astonishing rates. Don’t be left out. Are you feeling the need to drop a few pounds, reduce your blood pressure or lower your blood sugar? Knees and legs starting to ache? It’s time to take action and lose weight, we are …

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