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Will you get diabetes ?

You may be walking around with type two diabetes one of the most common, increasingly widespread and deadly diseases, and not know it. You know your body, you pay attention to your health. But while symptoms of the full-fledged disease include exhaustion, blurry vision, and extreme hunger or thirst, early signs such as very high blood sugar are typically silent. Similarly, you won’t necessarily notice symptoms of prediabetes, the precursor to type two diabetes it’s indicated by a higher than normal blood glucose level and caused by a dip in the body’s production of the hormone insulin. Diabetes has dire potential consequences, including blindness, stroke, even limb amputation, it’s also a leading cause of death in the US. Despite these hard facts about 20% of the 29 million adults who have it are unaware. Take control now, reduce your chances of type two diabetes, and lose weight.