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Don't just stand there get up and go!!!!!

People who got up and moved around two more hours throughout a day , even for as little as one minute at a time, had slimmer waistlines compared with people who were the most sedentary, according to a study of nearly 5000 Americans. Try these easy ways to add more movement to your day.

Ditch the drive-through. Go inside the pharmacy or Starbucks, even little bouts of walking add up and you may actually save time too.

Hold a walking meeting. Get the creative juices flowing, literally, it may boost productivity and your problem-solving ability as well.

Work your waits. When you drop your kids off at their dance classes or piano lessons, park the car and walk around the neighborhood until it’s time to pick them up.

Add an activity monitor. It’s a reminder to move throughout the day and seeing all your steps add up will motivate you to do more. So models, will actually alert you when you’ve been still for too long.