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Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2014’


Obesity is a chronic disease. As such it is a disease that must be managed much like hypertension and much like diabetes. It requires diligent and constant monitoring to be successful. Many patients who undertake a weight loss program expect grandiose results in an unrealistic timeframe. This expectation can lead to frustration and the individual becoming a dropout from his …

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Just Do it !!!

Just Do it!!! The famous Nike slogan is so true in weight loss. If you are contemplating losing weight or starting an exercise program the most important step is the first, JUST DO IT !!! Start… with a moderate walk or go to the mall early in the morning before the crowds or stores have opened and just walk. No …

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Visualize your Progress

How much have you lost?? During your next visit to Sam’s Club or Costco, find and lift an object weighing roughly how much you’ve lost ( ex. a 5 pound bag of flour, a 10 pound bag of pet food or a 20 pound tool kit), carry it up and down the aisle, noticing how difficult it is to move …

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